Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sitting in the lap of cane fields,
Facing a seamless horizon --
-- splashed with the melting colours of dusk,
A touch so trepid, so unsure,
An embrace so everlasting.
But dusk it was; there was darkness in the hue


Anonymous said...

Poetry will be your salvation!

Ehsaas said...

Hmm. I believe so too! Thank you for visiting.

pinks&blues said...

thats so very reflective....and somewhere connects with all our lives so closely...

Malvika Jain said...

oh man.. i loved the poem, full of planes, sheets of rain n slabs of darkness until 'they' came along. personally i feel human beings spoil indifferent landscapes

Ehsaas said...

hi malvika,

"darkness" in the hue is a pointer to how dusk turned into night... the running thread of thes elittle oides is how what you make yourself to see things is not really what they are... tried hard to keep the cliches away but am just a beginner you see..
good of you totake time and visit the blog. really value your comments and appreciate them.
and yes, the waves of passion are generally loftier than the tide. thanx again. best, palash